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              Herbs and Spices
  India produces a variety of spices and also one of the major export country in global market. Spices are an integral component of virtually all recipes in all cultures, not only for their flavor and seasoning but also for their numerous medicinal properties. Indian cuisine is also known for its rich taste derivedby the use of different spices and herbs. Lotus AgriLinks offers a wide range of quality spices in various forms, viz. whole, grounded, blended and flakes which includes,
    Aniseed, Star Anise
As the name suggest, a star shaped fruit contain excellent quantities of fatty acids, proteins, essential oils, starch and many others. Anise seeds and star anise both are widely used for cooking tasty dishes and desserts with its sweet and very aromatic flavor. Lotus AgriLinks provide excellent quality of both products.
    Black Pepper
Black pepper has a distinctive aroma and chili flavor, which makes it a favorite ingredient for Indian as well as other cuisine. It is equally useful in food seasoning and garnishing. Black pepper has remained the most precious and valuable form of spices in the world. It is also widely used as a traditional medicinal herb. Lotus AgriLinks offers high quality black pepper whole and in powder form.
Lotus AgriLinks offers Cinnamon sticks and powder which are globally used in desserts, cakes and cookies. Derived as a bay from cinnamon tree, it can be use as sticks or as ground powder. Cinnamon has the ability to stop the growth of bacteria. It also reduces rise in blood sugar thus very effective against diabetes. It is also an excellent source of fiber and minerals.
Clove is widely used in various food stuffs as flavoring agent. Cloves are specifically known for their unique flavor and aroma. Due to its detoxifying properties, cloves also helps in cleansing the body. Lotus AgriLinks provide 100% natural quality cloves without any preservatives or coloring.
Cardamom is the queen of spices because of its unique pleasant aroma and taste. Cardamom seeds are used to add mouthwatering aroma to different sweets and delicacies. They are also used as flavorings in both food and drink as cooking spices and as a medicine. It is also chewed raw as a natural mouth freshener. Stringently checked and tested, this is hygienically packed in quality material so that it retains its aroma and other properties.
Lotus AgriLinks offers nutmeg of Indian origin clean, graded, export premium quality whole and ground, with shell and without shell. Nutmeg is known for the kernel of an apricot-like fruit. It is used to flavor many kinds of baked foods, confections, puddings, sausages, sauces, vegetables and beverages.
Famous for its delicious test, raisins are high in sugar content and fat free source of fiber and antioxidants. Lotus AgriLinks provides export quality Indian origin raisins, available in brown, black, yellow, light green and golden color, which are prepared from superior and seedless grapes.
    Asafoetida [Hing]
Asafoetida is the finest quality of compounded spice that delivers smooth flavor once added to the cooked dish. Highly demanded spice known for it’s rich aroma, overwhelming odor and unique taste. Lotus AgriLinks offer worldwide the best and fresh quality of asafoetida.
    Cumin Seeds
Cumin Seeds also known as Jeera are famous for their earthy and aromatic flavor. The Cumin Seeds are uniformly elliptical and deeply furrowed, strong and warm aroma. They have a very distinctive bitter but warm flavor and aromatic smell. It is one of the widely used spices in our day-to-day life. Cumin along with coriander forms a major ingredient of curry powder and other spice blends.
    Mustard Seeds
Mustard Seeds [Rai] that contain a high quantity of oil. Grown under optimum conditions, the mustard seeds are fresh and suppllied after proper cleaning process. Having various health benefits, mustard seeds have strong spicy flavor that adds to the taste of a dish. Lotus AgriLinks offers premium quality mustard seeds machine cleaned or sortex cleaned obtained from the clean, carefully selected whole seeds of mustard
    Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek, nature's great gift to mankind is an herb which has been used as a food, spice and medicine since ancient times. The seeds and leaves are primarily used as a culinary spice, it is also used to treat a variety of health problems. India is the largest producer of fenugreek seeds in the world. Lotus AgriLinks offers finest and purest quality of fenugreek seeds for export.
    Turmeric Finger and Powder
Lotus AgriLinks offers pure and natural turmeric finger and powder. Free from all sort of impurities, turmeric which has numerous medicinal properties is also famous for its antiseptic attributes. Turmeric fingers we offer are cleaned, ground and sterilized. Turmeric powder is used in almost all sort of Indian recipes for adding that rich yellow color.
    Chilly Whole and Powder
Lotus AgriLinks offer dry red chillies that are handpicked, graded and sorted. We also offers fresh chilly powder made using chillies that are free from fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, preservatives, additives or any other forms of adulteration. Known for vitamin C and vitamin B, hot and spicy taste, intensively colored and aromatic in nature, the red chilli powder is widely used for flavoring and coloring of various cuisines.
    Coriander Powder
Coriander powder is obtained from selected and dried brown or green Coriander seeds. Indian coriander seeds offer the best flavor, aroma and color in the world. Lotus Agrilinks provides a comprehensive range of coriander powder that is derived from best quality coriander seeds. Rich amount of vitamins and calcium; it is widely used in every cooking.
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